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How Crucial Are Google Reviews As To Reputation Management?

How Crucial are Online Reviews?

When it comes to the business world, reputation is the cornerstone of growth. Thus, reputation is something to be protected, especially in the Digital Age.

Online, you can’t restrict what is said about you. Even when you’re using your online presence to promote your business. But what is said about you can affect your family life, romantic relationships, and financial standings; even kill your business.

In other words, bad reputation online it can spill out into your business life. No matter how careful you are.

Did you know that  93% of consumers read Google Reviews  to decide if a business is good or not before deciding to do business with you?

Peep how popular Google Reviews have become. Does that tell you something?


4  Reputation Management (ORM) Tactics For Your Business

You might be a successful entrepreneur, hustling hard every day to build and grow your beloved business. But today, anybody with an opinion can voice it to the world, regardless of how absurd it is. That puts your brand at a great risk.

The only way you can control what is said about your business online is Reputation Management. 

1. Establish Trust:
Who would you trust more? A business that monitor what people are posting about it online and responding to every positive and negative comment or a business that ignores managing its reputation online?

NOTE: people are more than ever trusting what people are saying online about your brand, therefore, making a decision sometimes to do business with you, solely off online reviews..sadly..

2. Increase Revenue
Imagine a potential buyer who is looking to hire you, buy your product or use your service. But when that buyer search for your brand, all these negative reviews pop up in the search results? No matter how many positive reviews you have, there is no coming back off certain negative reviews, unless you get some type of reputation management.

I have worked with many companies in Online Reputation management Services.  And some companies were near death…

3. Positive Brand Image
Your brand stands behind your reputation. Again, people trust what they read online more than ever. Therefore, taking care of your online reputation will build your brand image tremendously. Your brand image is what people say about your business, and it’s your protection against competition.

4. Better Employees
The fact is that you need to hire the best talents to drive your business forward. When your company is reputable, it will be easier to attract and retain these top-performing employees. So be careful who you hire. Hiring the wrong employee can be the death of your brand.

The worst ex-employee is a  “disgruntled ex-employee.” One disgruntled employee can be death of your business.  Ashley Madison  , parent company of Avid Life Media, learned the hard way when it was hacked. Know who you are hiring.

There are many to manage your online reputation. To avoid an Online Reputation problem, just hire an Online Reputation Management Agency or you can DIY with these 5 Reputation Management free Tools.

Below we’ve assembled a list of strategies on how to manage and repair your online reputation, just incase someone starts to badmouthing your company.

SEO Services is a MUST!

This should be your first priority, when it comes to repairing your online reputation.

SEO Companies can either get bad Google or Yelp Reviews removed if they violate the terms of service for the review sites or at least pushed down. The fastest way to change search results is to remove it completely from the website upon which it exists.

If that doesn’t seem feasible, or doesn’t work, the second choice may be to ask Google and Bing to remove something from their indexes. But that doesn’t remove the content from the site itself, it just makes it far more difficult to find.

Leverage Video Marketing is a MUST!

Did you know having a video on a page will rank it more? YouTube videos can rank exceptionally high in Google, especially when using low competition keywords around your brand name.  Getting video testimonials from your best customers can help with this.

Creating strong worthy content is a MUST!

Creating relevant worthy new content can help you repair a bad reputation. Great blog content also helps with SEO. Google rewards for fabulous content. Publishing posts via blogging every few days is the start to repairing your brand.

Blogging is vital for online reputation management. It gives you an opportunity to create positive content that can outrank the negative content out there. Try writing your way out a damaged reputation.

Getting Active on Review Websites is a MUST!

Get your best customers to write reviews for you. Not only have them to write Google Reviews, but have them to write reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, Yahoo Bing Places, Trust Pilot, Manta, Yext and many more. You can also use these same sites to address negative reviews on the spot.

Turn Twitter to a Reputation Management Powerhouse.

President Donald Trump use Twitter all the time to help manage his reputation online. 
The algorithm of Twitter is constructed on machine learning. And they integrate natural language processing (NLP) as the moving force. To simplify, NLP gives computers ability to translate human words into feelings, context, and sentiment.

SEO & Biz Hub is one of the most established reputation management firms in Atlanta. If all fails, we’re here to help you.



  1. Charles Osorio : June 7, 2018 at 8:04 pm

    I always overlooked Google reviews and other rating sites and considered that customers don’t take such ratings seriously. After reading your article, I have to admit that I was wrong. Planning to getting active on all rating sites and hopefully, you will help us with it.

  2. Patricia L Johnson : March 28, 2019 at 7:29 am

    Thank you!

  3. Great article, it’s true that your online reputation is extremely important if you want your company to succeed. Google is now everybody’s “friend” and it’s the first thing people will check before they even ask their own friends & family! I totally agreed with the fact that it’s very important to establish trust, I believe that if you always deliver what you promise, a client is most likely happy, I would also add great communication, being always willing to respond to the reviews & explain help as well. However, I don’t really know if contacting Google to change the review would work, it’s easy for the person to follow their terms & condition, and why would Google believe the seller & not the Buyer? But we can always try of course.

    • Patricia L Johnson : November 6, 2019 at 7:13 pm

      Well the review can be from one of your competitors trying to mess up your business or an angry employee. If you know the review isn’t from a customer, it’s best to dispute it with Google to try to get it removed. Bad reviews can be the death of your business so it’s best to do something.

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