Facebook Disadvantages We Need To Be Aware Of

This will Change Everything You Know

Why Facebook Needs To Be Deleted This change everything you know & how you are being manipulated; negative impact of Facebook and disadvantage of Facebook.  

Uber Lost Court Case In UK 

Uber Ordered To Treat Drivers More Fairly

Uber Files Landmark Ruling Appeal Uber has lost its appeal against a landmark ruling ordering it to treat its drivers as workers, paying them minimum wage and affording them rights including sickness and holiday pay. Uber just recently cut their Uber Car Leasing Exchange Program back in October, which allowed an Uber Driver that is employed with …

“Warning Error While Sending QUERY Packet”

“Warning: Error While Sending QUERY Packet”

“PHP Warning Error While Sending Query Packet.”  The live code directed me to my WP-Includes with the Query Error, which is also known as J Query. Causes of this live code being splattered all over my website..       The error was appearing because of the maximum number of database connection requests have been …