How To Use Facebook Virtual Reality For SEO

How To Use Facebook Virtual Reality For SEO

How To Use Facebook Virtual Reality For SEO

Facebook Spaces, Virtual reality may be the next “big thing” that will take SEO to an “uncharted territory” where everything is possible.

Social Media revolutionized how we do online business. It has actually affected how we do business period. Using social media, you can build a community, interact with current customers, and reach new customers. However, the Social Media Revolution is reaching a new milestone. Recently, Facebook Inc. announced the release of Facebook Spaces, the first true Social Virtual Reality APP that will transform business forever.

Early adopters of this fascinating technology will be two steps ahead of the competition. Putting on the Oculus Rift, gazing into the crystal ball, just imagine how you can use your creation in this app to help your business.

Being able to create 360 videos and photos on in Facebook’s Spaces Virtual Reality App is a breath a fresh air for businesses and it is fun. Look at how other companies take advantage of Virtual Reality Technologies and think about how you can use Facebook Spaces to spruce up you SEO.


  • Real Estate: Imagine being able to meet your client, show them the property, and even close the deal. All without having to leave your office or client leave their place. The real estate industry already benefited from 360 videos, but it is a completely new world.


  • Home Renovation: Want to show how your designs in a “real life” fashion? It might be for you. Imagine being able to show off your work before you even start it. Using it will save a lot of time and resources, otherwise wasted on overthinking and hesitation.


  • Healthcare: Virtual Reality technology is already in use for psychotherapy and Phantom Limb Treatment. People with social phobias and anxieties are also able to benefit from the technology. So if you are a doctor, now is the time to sign up for it.


  • Tourism: Google’s Virtual Reality APP, Google Earth, gives you the ability to travel around the world while you are sitting in the comfort of your home. Hotels like Marriott are building their program to display hotel rooms, so you know what you are getting before reserving a room.


  • Gaming: Right now, Video Gamers are living the dream, figuratively and literally. The Gaming Industry is seeing a spike, and more games are incorporating Virtual Reality Technologies. Just like in the real world, companies will still be able to advertise in those new worlds, created by Gamers. In addition, the list goes on and on…


VIEW THE DEMO VIDEO “What Facebook Looks Like in Virtual Reality With Oculus.”

Facebook Virtual Reality For SEO in Content

It is a no brainer that Virtual Reality will further disrupt the business world. It is like “social media on steroids.”  Although its hardware is respectfully inexpensive, $799, is just a little too much for the average business or customer. And unless your Visual Reality content is fascinating, do not expect users to flock to your website. While videos are one of the best tools for promoting your business, Facebook Virtual Reality Videos are expected to be the next best thing for SEO.



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