Millionaires VS Broke People Characteristics

Millionaires VS Broke People Characteristics e1486708366115

The Entrepreneur Mindset leads to Millionaires.

Which characteristics do you have, Millionaire or Broke People?

  • Millionaires Read Daily
    •      Broke People Watch TV Daily
  • Millionaires Set Goals
    • Broke People Never Set Goals
  • Millionaires Compliment
    • Broke People Criticize
  • Millionaires Embrace Change
    • Broke People Fear Change
  • Millionaires Forgive
    • Broke People Hold Grudges
  • Millionaires Talk About Ideas
    • Broke People Talk About People
  • Millionaires Continuously Learn
    • Broke People Think They Know It All
  • Millionaires Take Responsibility For Their Failures
    • Broke People Blame Others For Their Failures


Which characteristics do you have, Millionaire or Broke People?


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    Wow quite a lot of wonderful info!

  2. Thomas Leah : June 4, 2018 at 8:04 pm

    Very motivational and impressive stuff! Setting goals and working hard to achieve them is a routine for successful people. They are kind hearted and love to treat their colleagues very politely. Thank you very much for summarizing traits of millionaires and comparing them with unsuccessful people. I have taken a print out of the comparison and pasted it on my workstation. Thumbs up!

  3. […] sometimes without making one dollar, without any complaints. This is why they are so successful; The Millionaire Mindset. Which one are you? Money will come.  Don’t give up. Just know when to throw in the […]

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