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We will give you a free SEO Checkup of your website using our SEO Analyzer, which will get your site running like the Pro’s, plus increase your rankings. This includes an Audit Checklist from our Web Reporting Tools will be delivered directly to your email.


What’s included in our Site Analysis

Metal Tag Check

Checks your title on each page, description on page, robot tags and keyphrase (keyword) tags. This analysis tells Google Robots what your page is about and determines how relevant the information is on your page.

Sitemap Check

Check your website or blog for sitemap presence. A sitemap is like a regular map. It lists all your web pages on your site and tell the search engine crawlers exactly how to crawl your website.

Backlinks Checker

Checks your website to find out who links to your site. Backlinks are more of a vouch for your site. The more relevant backlinks from authority sites, the higher you will appear in search engine rankings.

SEO Friendly URL

Check your webpage for SEO Friendly URL's. In this test, we check to make sure your url's do not contain any characters like asterisks, underscores or other funny looking, hard to read symbols. This makes it hard for google crawlers and your customers to read and remember your URL

Site Load Speed Check

Checks to see how fast your website loads. Page speed is very important to Google and Yahoo Search Engines because it affects search rankings. You won't get a reward for fast loading pages, but you will get penalized for slow loading pages, plus you take the chance of losing revenue. Not many customers will stay on a slow loading website long. Your page should load in less that 5 seconds.

Social Media Presence Check

Checks your page for for a social media network presence. Having a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and any other websites such as Stumbled Upon, Reddit and IHeart It, increasing your chances of being higher in the search engines, plus builds your site's trustworthiness and authority.

Google Analytics Check

Checks your website for Google Analytics presence. Google Analytics is extremely important because it provides insights on what keyphrase (keyword) brings traffic to your website, displays crawl and robot issues and what pages other sites link to on your page. This is a must have free tool.

Safe Browsing Check

Checks your website to find out if it is on the list of unsafe sites, plus been identified for malware or phishing activity. Google and Yahoo penalizes these type of websites if such activities are found. You also take the risk of your website disappearing all together from search results, so be safe. Do not let all your hard work go to waste from overlooked mistakes.

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Site Analysis Key Points

Get a free Site Analysis of your website after using our SEO Analyzer, including SEO Tips that will get your site running like the Pro's, plus increase your rankings, at the same time. An Audit Checklist will be delivered directly to your email by using our SEO Reporting Tools.

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