KN95 Protection Mask For Respiratory System

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The KN95 Face Mask For Respiratory Safety protects you against dust, particles, pollen, pollution, smoke, airborne viruses and infectious diseases. These Cloth Face Cover also reduce the risk of you touching your face, potentially infecting yourself with unclean hands.

The KN95 Face Masks For Respiratory Protection have 95% filtration of particles >0.3 microns in size and have been FDA Approved. The C.D.C lists KN95 masks also approve theses as a respiratory protector.

After a back and forth debate on whether face masks should be worn, The White House & The Trump Administration, along with the CDC, recommends Americans wear cloth masks, while in public.

These KN95 Reusable Cloth Masks are comfortable and seals off your face. 


  • Solid White
  • KN95 Class
  • Filter Performance ≥ 95%) Foldable
  • Reusable Mask (MUST CLEAN)


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  1. CJ Harvell

    Wow, I couldn’t find these N95 masks anywhere. I just so happen to come back to give you props on the shirt and now you have these. Grateful. You are truly an angel.

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