WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

Wordpress Tutorial For Beginners

WordPress How To Video Tutorial

This an introduction video to Power Of Knowledge TV, which will be hosting a series of step by step tutorial visual videos for beginners on how to fix WordPress website errors. Our videos will also be focused on SEO (search engine optimization) every day issues. common plugin issues, premium theme conflicts, PHP fixes and more.

Website Developers and WordPress Expert use the same process I will be showing how to do in my step by step videos. But the only difference is you won’t have to cough of tons of money cause you will learn how to fix your site yourself.

Due to the fact that the average business owner knows almost zero as to how WordPress works, they don’t know how to fix it when it breaks. And most are small business owners, and that is even worse. Why? They don’t have the extra cash to pay people to fix it.

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  1. I am new to WordPress and I have been running into issues setting up my new site. I don’t want to hire someone because I know I will then always rely on someone else. Instead, I am working on learning it and fixing the problems myself. This video actually helped with a few of my issues which is great. I am going to look into learning via tutorials. Just wanted to say thanks!

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