Design Hub 360 SEO Success Story

Web Design and SEO Strategies Project For Design Hub 360

About Design Hub 360 Custom T shirts & Apparel

Design Hub 360 Custom T Shirts & Apparel is a print-on-demand and apparel company. Their customers can go in-store to order or order online through their website. The website also has an apparel designer tool that will allow customers to design their own t-shirts, hats, pet shirts, sports shirts, and more for free. 

The Back Story

Before working with our team at SEO & Biz Hub, Design Hub 360 was only using its brick-and-mortar location, which was actually their home, to generate sales. The customer did not have a website. They used word of mouth to sell their products to friends, family, and friends of friends. But when the pandemic happened, sales got difficult for them because they didn’t have an online presence or a website. There was a significant market shift away from retail, so it became critical for their business to develop a comprehensive online strategy to remain competitive in their crowded industry. And this is where SEO & Biz Hub came in.


SEO & Biz Hub came up with a strategy to address Design Hub 360’s lack of online presence:

  • Built an SEO-optimized website capable of offering their customers a smooth custom ordering experience

  • Developed compelling website content (both visuals and copywriting) to help convert prospective leads into paying customers

  • Created and optimized a Google My Business (GMB) Profile for their business to increase visibility from local searches

  • Implemented cross-sell and up-sell opportunities on their site by adding new product offerings and customization options


Once on-site, we tracked user sales numbers and saw a significant jump in overall orders, customization requests, and customer satisfaction. Within just six months, we completely overhauled the way customers interacted with our client’s business; and the results were phenomenal. Overall web traffic, lead generation, and order conversions increased across the board for Design Hub 360. As a result of our SEO efforts and making them easier to find on Google, they experienced a:

  • Results – 250% increase in sales within a few months
  • Results – 400% increase in sales within 6 months
  • Results -Raised search rankings of 325 keywords within 6 months
  • Results – Rankled their main keywords to the top 10 spots
  • Results – Increased their Twitter Follers to 3500+
  • Results – We saw an uptick of almost 50% indirect website clicks on their GMB.
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