Smazzit Training Institute Success Story

Increased Sales For Smazzit Online School

About Smazzit Training Institute

Smazzit is a Digital Marketing School that focuses on SEO & WordPres Web Design Training for startups, Internet Workers and beginners looking for a seamless way to optimize or build their own website. Most training session ae done in person or through recorded courses. The business also offer other training classes like Shopify Setup and Google Analytics Training.

The Back Story

Smazzit thrives on in-person training appointments but wasn’t getting the traffic or lead generation necessary to keep the business profitable. Most appointments would come in through word of mouth or direct referrals, which simply wasn’t enough. Their pre-recorded courses were also given away for free, limiting upsell or online sale opportunities. So SEO & Biz Hub implemented a dynamic suite of solutions to help Smazzit get on the right track.


Smazzit’s local SEO efforts needed to be overhauled, so we set up and optimized their Google My Business listing to generate more in-person appointments. We then used link building, extensive copywriting, and web 2.0 listings to drive additional web traffic.


Within just four months of working together, the results we produced for Smazzit were incredible:

  • Results – Booked at least 4 SEO and website training appointments per week

  • Results – Sold over 400 introductory training courses and packages within 9 months

  •  Results – Switched free course to a small fee, resulting in a 150% increase in sales

  • Results – Built over 440 backlinks to their website within a year, increasing brand popularity

  • Results – Ranked main  keywords on the front page, locally, within the 7 months

It’s been a few years since we ended our ongoing search engine optimization work with Smazzit, but their website continues to rank on the first page of Google for the main keywords we ranked them for, previously.

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