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How To Get Twitter Followers

Getting free followers on twitter can be a pain in a butt, but it doesn’t have to be. There is an art to it. The number of followers on Twitter matters. It is not unheard of for a client to factor in the number of a Twitter Followers a company has. But I will show you how to get free followers on twitter.

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Some Tweeters try to take the easy way out by buying followers or using some type of Twitter Auto follower Software. But how does this help your brand, honestly? Does it increase your sales, website visitors or build business relationships? I don’t think so. Although the amount of followers, still matter, but engagement rate matters more.

Building your Twitter Followers free and organically, always has, and still is the best way to play the social media game. There is no easy way around it. And, as we know, everybody, who is somebody, is on Twitter. SO LET’S DO IT!!!

Here are some brilliant ways to increase your Twitter followers free:

Optimize Your Profile:

Make it easy for your new Twitter Followers to get what you are all about from the first glance, nice profile pic, short description of you and a link to your website, if applicable. Pay close attention to the little details, as they make all the difference. Make sure your Twitter Avatar speak volumes. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Best Practices:

  • Write a bio that describe who you are and what you do,
  • Create a business-related hashtag in your bio.
  • Use your business logo or a nice warm picture of you as your profile picture.
  • Create a cover picture that reflect your values.
  • Use your real location, birthday, and website.

How I Gained 4500 Twitter Followers In No Time

Get Twitter Followers Free Organically:

Tweet at least 10 times a day, once every hour, to maximize your potential to get more followers. I understand that the average person doesn’t have all of the time, especially if you are managing other Social Media Accounts, but it can be done. Using Twitter Automation Tools can help you with this. Hootsuite, Dlvr.it, Buffer, and SocialOomph are a few Social Media Automation tools. These tools help you get real followers.

Don’t use a Twitter Follower Bot:

The easiest way to get people to follow you is to follow them first. Now I am not saying that everybody will follow you back, but most will, especially,  if your tweets are interesting. Follow people or businesses that are similar to your brand. And remember to follow back and don’t use a Twitter Follow Bot. You want real followers.


Best Practices:

  • Use popular #Hashtags and Emojis?
  • Follow at least 10 new tweeters everyday
  • Kindly ask popular Tweeters for a follow back
  • Ask popular Tweeters for a shout out (Lol, it doesn’t mean you will get it)
  • Unfollow a mass amount of non-followers within 3 days of following them. *Unfollow inactive accounts
  • Retweet the Leaders

***STAY AWAY FROM Buy Twitter Followers Cheap or Followers Fast schemes.

Post Content Regularly

When I say post great content regularly, I don’t mean post about anything. Your content needs to be interesting, great, exciting. Your content needs to be the face of your brand. Don’t confuse your followers by posting irregularly content that doesn’t reflect your brand. This help you increase Twitter Followers free.

Also don’t always post your own content. This shows a form of just being out for yourself. Retweet your follower’s tweets, post others content, and engage with your followers. Doing so, shows great sportsmanship. Be a team player. You can do this.

How I increase my followers to 4500

Best Practices

  • Stay Active
  • Engage with followers regularly (Twitter is all about relationships)
  • Be authentic
  • @Mention the Leaders
  • Post a mixture of tweets and content


It’s imperative for a brand to build a presence on Twitter. The more time and devotion you give, the higher the return. It is definitely worth it. Remember, everybody who is somebody, is on Twitter. So let’s start get Twitter Followers free without paying.


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