Visual Composer Conflict With JM Twitter Cards

Plugin Conflict With Visual Composer And JM Twitter Cards

Visual Composer Conflict With JM Twitter Cards

After creating about 15 long pages using the WPBakery Visual Composer 5.0 Plugin, which took me a few weeks to get everything thought out completely, the next day I logged into my website and the pages contained all live code; no FrontEnd or BackEnd Editor.

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I want to make it clear, I love the visual Composer Plugin, and yes I still use it, but the plugin doesn’t play nice with other plugins sometimes. I had to make a hard choice between keeping the CodeCanyon WPBakery Visual Composer Plugin vs the JM Twitter Cards Plugin; another plugin I love. 

First let me explain what WPBakery Visual Composer 5.0 is. It is WordPress Page Builder Plugin that is extremely easy to use.  You just drag and drop elements using the page builder or select the elements by using the FrontEnd or BackEnd Editor.  And you can create the most beautiful pages that your customers will love.  This is a page I built using Visual Composer.  It’s just that easy. But best of all, there is no coding skills required.

Just choose from 45+ predefined content elements or choose a professionally designed template and you on your way.

WPBakery Visual Editor FronEnd Page Elements

Visual Composer Conflict With JM Twitter Cards Now here is where it all goes bad. After creating all of my amazing pages, using WordPress Visual Composer Page Builder Editor, I woke up the next morning, log into my website and my FrontEnd and BackEnd Editors were all gone, live code all over my site; I panicked…I almost cried.  All of the hard work I put in was gone. I started troubleshooting and trying little tricks, deactivating all plugins, looking through my header file to see if something was added there that shouldn’t be, running virus and malware checks, but I still couldn’t figure it out.

Next, I just gave it up for a sec. I was just lost, worn out, angry, clueless, but I didn’t give up completely. I’m a warrior. We don’t give up that easy. I came back the next day for some more. I aint no punk, lol.

Here is where it gets real. I deactivated all plugins again and only re-activate them one by one, going back and forth to my pages that use the editor, doing trial and error. I did think it would come down to the WP Caching Plugin I use. Caching Plugins usually conflict with a lot of other plugins, especially JS and CSS Plugins, but this time, the cache plugin was saved by the bell.

Well what do you know, it turned out to be the JM Twitter Cards Plugin. Now how did I miss that..well I probably wanted to miss it, considering, I didn’t want to give that plugin up. Sure there are several other Twitter Plugins, but none equal up to this one and isn’t good at this one……I hate to see this plugin go. I breathed hard and took a long breath, thought about what was best and I just had to give it up.

JM Twitter Cards Plugin isn’t compatible with the CodeCanyon WPBakery Visual Composer 5.0 Plugin…….It’s a conflict using both at the same time.

Using WP Popular Posts Pro Plugin conflicts with Visual Composer Plugin also. Now you have to make a choice on which plugin you can live without..I can’t live without Visual Composer Page Builder. As an SEO Agency, these type of issues are common.


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