9 Ways To Get Worthy Backlinks In 2017

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Well I kind of exaggerated there. It’s always great to have fun with your work. But backlinks can be the gatekeeper to a successful site. You could have the prettiest website in the world, but if no one sees it, it will just sit and collect dust. Every company should make backlinking a viable part of their SEO Marketing Plan.

A backlink is a link from another website to yours. But they are not just a link. There is power in a link, no matter if it’s Dofollow or NoFollow Links. Backlinking increases your visibility in search engines. Backlinking help search engines understand your website more. Backlinking are more of like a vote for your website.

It is part of Google’s 200 Search Ranking Factor’s.

9 Ways To Get Worthy Backlinks In 2017

Dofollow Backlinks use to be fairly easy to get, but now in 2020, it is much harder, but not exactly impossible. It just takes more work to obtain. In this article I will tell you different ways to get quality backlinks, naturally, without paying a healthy penny.

Web 2.0 Blogs: Platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, Over-Blog.com and other ones are totally free. You can create a blog on these platforms and write articles. The best thing is they are dofollow links, which means, they pass link juice. You can’t go wrong with that.

Review Websites: Sadly, so many ignore the power in Review Websites. Sites like Trustpilot, DexKnows, Angie’s List, Yelp, MerchantCircle, CitySearch, Google My Business and more can really increase your visibility in search engines, plus it helps your company build trust with potential buyers. These are links back to your website; some dofollow links and some are nofollow links. Both are still worth having.


Directories Submissions: Directories are still a great way to get quality links. Not all directories are created equal, so you have to be careful when submitting your site to them. Some are only spam sites and some have been penalized. Here are great quality directories to submit to: uscity.net, Show Me Local, American Towns, Yellow Moxie, eLocal,  Opendi,  HotFrog, CitySquares and more. 

9 Ways To Get Worthy Backlinks In 2017




Guest Blogging: One of the best ways to get quality backlinks, is guest blogging. Now Guest Blogging is not as easy as it use to be to obtain, but they are still out there. Some Guest Blog Websites have turned into “pay to play” sites.  But I guess nothing in life is free. You really just have to search for free Guest Blogging sites and make sure the websites are quality or you are wasting your time. 

DON’T USE A BACKLINK GENERATOR! Google will hate you for it.

Social Networks: Social Networks does not have a direct impact on your rankings, but Google, Yahoo and other search engines use your presence on these sites to see how popular your website is. The likes and shares you receive from websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Reddit, Buzzfeed, Stumbledup, Pinterest, Youtube, iHeartIt and more, not only boost your visibility in websites, but help you build a strong support base. If you are a brand and you are not taking advantage of these free platforms, you are loosing BIG TIME. And just so you know it, everybody who is somebody is on Twitter.

Expired Domains: Buying Expired Domains and using a 301 redirect to your own website to get backlinks is an untapped secret. Some of these Expired Domains still have links that pass linkjuice. Here are a few websites that list these domains for you: Expired Domains, Domain Lex, Godaddy Auction, Name Cheap, Flippa, Fresh Drop, name.com, Dropping, NameJet and more. You just have to do your research and make sure these sites are not on Google’s bad side.


Blogs Comment: Blog commenting is still a good way to get backlinks, but the times are changing. Some blogs are starting to turn their comment section off because of the spammers. Also most blogs are starting to put nofollow on their links. Either way it goes, it’s still a viable way to get links back to your website/blog. Just be careful on which blog you leave your link on and always add value when writing your comments. Check out this list of blogs that allow blog comments:

9 Ways To Get Worthy Backlinks In 2017

  1. momsmiami.com  PR 7
  2. http://loumalnatis.com  PR 6
  3. http://joshgroban.com  PR 6
  4. http://alaeditions.org    PR 6
  5. http://energyactioncoalition.org  PR 6
  6. http://weusemath.org  PR6
  7. http://kalwnews.org     PR 6
  8. http://kdenlive.org       PR 6
  9. http://slidesix.com       PR 5
  10. http://ecotonejournal.com  PR 5
  11. http://inec.usip.org  PR5
  12. http://ezra-g.com/blog%20 PR 5
  13. bloggingandwb.com
  14.  bullsbattlebears.com
  15.  businessonline2u.biz
  16.  dailymorningcoffee.com
  17. devonwebdesigners.com
  18. electrocars.net/blog/
  19.  eyes4tech.com
  20.  formulaoffatloss.info

Some of these are DoFollow Backlinks^^^

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Check out more quality Comment Blog Websites to generate tons of backlinks on Digital SEO Guide

Affiliate program: Affiliate Linking is a wonderful way to earn backlinks. You can join Affiliate Programs or create your own . Some affiliates will link back to the products you host for them, creating many links back to you. Amazon is one of those websites that will link back to your site. But when you link to all of these sites, just make sure the anchor texts you use for the links are not all the same. That could get your site banned or cause you to lose ranking.

9 Ways To Get Worthy Backlinks In 2017

Event Websites: Not many companies think about Event Websites when it comes to their SEO tactics. But what do you know, these websites are a great way to get quality links. Yes, most of the links are nofollow and don’t pass link juice, but a link is a link. Creating events, especially local events, is great for racking up on backlinks locally, right in your own city. Eventbrite is one of the best and easiest website to get a link from.


If you have other ways to get backlinks from, let me know. But one last tip, DON’T BUY BACKLINKS





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