“Warning Error While Sending QUERY Packet”

“Warning: Error While Sending QUERY Packet”



“Warning Error While Sending Query Packet.” 

warning query error while sending packets

The live code directed me to my WP-Includes with the Query Error, which is also known as J Query.

Causes of this live code being splattered all over my website..


Userlike J Query error while sending Query packet



The error was appearing because of the maximum number of database connection requests have been made. This normally happens on a shared hosting plan. Most Web Host Providers will not help you solve the problem, but you will get an email telling you to fix it. This issue can affect other users, if your site keep sending so many database requests. So as a result, your hosting company will not allow you to increase the number of requests to the database.

How to fix it…This is likely caused by a misbehaving plugin

#1. Remove the plugin quick!


#2. Next, clean and optimize your database. You can use plugins like WP-Sweep and WP-Optimize. I personally like WP-Optimize Plugin. It does it’s job well. These plugins clean the unwanted database tables which are created when you update any post, publish a post, add new media files and delete those. You should actually be cleaning your database at least once a month anyway, which should be part of your website maintenance. And that’s it..

NOTE: Be sure to not run the database optimizer on the areas that are in red!!!!






  1. Thank you, Do you have any advice on how we can know if a Plugin is misbehaving too?

    • Patricia L Johnson : November 6, 2019 at 7:18 pm

      You are welcome! Well if you installed a new plugin and your website all of a sudden goes down, or returns “error codes”, you know that something must be conflicting with the new plugin or the plugin you just updated.

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