4 Reasons Not To Shrug NoFollow Links

Reasons Not To Shrug NoFollow Links SEO

4 Reasons Not To Shrug NoFollow Links

Are you one of those people who believes the myth about NoFollow Links having no value?  

Well, there are so many confusing myths about NoFollow Links (<a href=”https://seobizhub.com” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>.) They are useless, no value, not worth having.  So many shrug them and mark them off as scrap. Yes, DoFollow Links are 100% better. Yes, DoFollow Links increase Page Rank, pass link juice Yes, they make your site rank higher in search engines. Yes, they are real votes of credibility by Google.  BUT hold on. Wait before you shrug a NoFollow Link and deem it useless.

4 Reasons Why NoFollow Links Are Needed

Here Are 4 Reasons Why NoFollow Links Are Needed For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)….

1. You Need To Balance Your Backlinks:

Having a “natural” ratio of NoFollow and DoFollow Links to and from your website increases search engines trust in your blog/site. It just looks suspicious for a website to have all DoFollow Links, and especially if the exact same anchor text is used to link it. No website at all has all DoFollow Links; not even Google or Yahoo. That’s a sure way to get your website penalized. This is where DoFollow Links comes in handy to help you out, like checks and balances. You do need DoFollow Links.


2. Increase Traffic:

Just because a Webmaster or Blogger linked to your blog/website with a NoFollow Link, doesn’t mean they feel you may not be worthy of a vote. Don’t take it personal. Even CNN, one of the biggest reputable news sites, has mostly NoFollow Links, so you are no different.. Although the link juice isn’t being passed, if you have a great, informational-filled article, you best believe that it will get tons of traffic. Ask yourself this, would you rather have the traffic or the DoFollow Link

3. Potential Damage From Linking to Bad Sites:

No one really has the time to check all the websites they link to. Just in case your site is listed on Google as suspicious, spammy or a banned website, a NOFollow Link is the key. Therefore, the site linking to yours is letting Google, Yahoo and other search engines know that they are not endorsing your website. Also, a site can hurt their rankings too linking to low-quality websites. A NoFollow Link is the answer so again, don’t take it personal.

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4. Affiliate Links:

If you are running an E-Commerce Affiliate Website, selling other business products, you definitely need NoFollow Links. It is not in your site’s best interest to have millions of DoFollow Links to other websites. That type of linking can really hurt your ranking, plus can get your site penalized.  This is where the NoFollow comes in handy again. Are you getting the point now?

All and all, NoFollow Links are valuable and serves it’s purpose, whether it’s a DoFollow or not. DoFollows should be the ultimate goal, but a NoFollow should not be shrugged. There is power in NoFollow Links for SEO purposes.





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  2. Your article seems to suggest that introverts struggle with leadership roles “put in a position to lead or instruct can send us into a panic” – I actually find that quite offensive. Introverts are not necessarily bad presenters, leaders or instructors, likewise, being an extrovert does not make you good at those things.

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  4. I see you’re stated strong reasons why No-follow links exist & they all seem logical to me, however I don’t think it’s related to the SEO, except for the first reason, it’s true that a normal Website that has Do-follow link & No-follow seem more natural & trustworthy for SEO, but having 100 Do-follow links in itself is suspicious anyway, especially if you just started.

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