Net Neutrality Can end the Internet

Net Neutrality has been repealed, and many people are worried about the potential harms that can come with this decision. This is especially true when it comes to small businesses, who had protections under the FCC. Now that Net Neutrality is most likely gone for good, what will happen to Online Small Business owners, who heavily rely on the internet to earn a meager living?

Well, nothing has been set in stone, and a lot of this will come down to your Internet Service Providers (ISPs). We have to understand first and foremost that most companies really do not want to alienate the people who are buying their product, as that potentially harms their bottom line, but at the same time, we live in a Capitalist World. Major companies may take advantage of what they can do now, due to the repeal of Net Neutrality.  So our best bet is to focus on the wants and needs of the customer, and make sure that they have a loud and vocal voice in this matter.

What could happen to Small Online Businesses, now that the cuffs are off of Net Neutrality?

Larger companies with a lot of cash can take precedent over others when it comes to loading speed and bandwidth usage. Just imagine your YouTube videos buffering and stopping, like the old days. Imagine being blocked when you try to go to certain sites that are legitimate sites and being blocked. Imagine being charged to go to your favorite sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, StumbledUpon, etc, and being charged for it. Imagine going to a website to buy a product, only to find out that it won’t load after trying several times of trying. Imagine not being able to sit at home and “Netflix and Chill” on cold nights because you have ran out of bandwidth and can’t afford to pay more. This could be the end of many companies.

But what can Online Small Businesses do to help themselves against possible business loss due to Net Neutrality & End Of Open Internet?

What business Owners can do about Net Neutrality

Back in 2014, when Net Neutrality was not equal, Netflix, Reddit and other websites noticed their sites started slowing down. And Comcast Internet customers also complained about a drop in quality of the Netflix streams being delivered to their homes, and Netflix’s own data showed a massive decline in connection speeds. Long story short, Netflix Agreed To Pay Comcast To End Slowdown. How many small companies can compete with this Corporate Giants?


But in In 2015, the Barack Obama’s approach to net neutrality shifted the internet under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, regulating it like a utility. This allowed consumers access to the internet without their service providers blocking or throttling content and it prohibited paid prioritization deals that forced consumers to pay for faster internet speed. Repealing these regulations would allow ISPs to charge customers for access to certain sites or block them the same way a cable provider can charge for certain channels. This is why Obama was not against Net Neutrality back in 2015


Net Neutrality Will Hurt Online Creators..

This Net Neutrality thing could be detrimental to Online Marketers, SEO Analyzer, Social Media Consultants and Online Entrepreneurs who rely on having constant uninterrupted fast internet services with great bandwidth. This issue is bigger than what’s being publicized.


Net Neutrality & End Of Open Internet Will Affect E-commerce Drop Shipping Tremendously…

How Small Businesses Can Beat Net Neutrality Affect

Many customers do not want to wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load. If you website loads slow or not at all, especially on a mobile device, people will eventually lead to website abandonment. So again, this is bigger than what is being said to the public.


Small businesses can’t compete with larger corporations or large companies. Net Neutrality will also hurt Creators who make YouTube Videos, and Facebook videos, artists of all kinds and other Online creators. This is just unfair. But here is what we can do to  fight the battle against Net Neutrality Repeal.

This is where Off-The-Internet Local SEO will help small businesses more than ever.

Net Neutrality Explained…



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